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Conference Expand-Tables
16' x 4' Expandable Boatshape Table

Available in:
plcoloraspen plcolorcherry plcolorespresso pl newport gray plcolorwalnut PL White

• Choice of several laminate finishes**
• 3mil PVC Tough Edge on all exposed edges
• 1½" Thick Top
• Optional power module
• Start with 10' or 12' table and add 4' top inserts to create tables to fit your needs

Also Available In:
#PL192RT 16' x 4' Racetrack
#PL216BS 18' x 4' Boatshape
#PL216RT 18' x 4' Racetrack
#PL240BS 20' x 4' Boatshape
#PL240RT 20' x 4' Racetrack
#PL264BS 22' x 4' Boatshape
#PL264RT 22' x 4' Racetrack
#PL288BS 24' x 4' Boatshape
#PL288RT 24' x 4' Racetrack

**Not all finishes available in all shapes/sizes.
Please contact us for specific availability.

If you need to accommodate more people than our 12 foot length laminate conference tables allow, our extension leaf inserts are a great option.

Add 4 foot inserts to 10 foot or 12 foot conference table ends to create longer table lengths up to 24 feet long.

An attractive and inexpensive solution to your large conference table needs.

This product is Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified. For more information, please visit www.greenguard.org
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